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9/9 N

3/9 M

9/9 H

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- Guild Progress

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

Ahead of the curve -  in progress

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progress CN-03.png
progress CN-04.png
progress CN-06.png
progress CN-05.png
progress CN-07.png
progress CN-08.png
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progress CN-10.png
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Vault of the Incarnates

8/8 H

6/8 M

8/8 N

Raid progress- Season 1

progress sofo_Artboard 20 copy 2.png

Cutting Edge completed

Sepulcher of the First Ones

11/11 H

11/11 M

11/11 N

Raid progress- Season 3

progress SoD.png

Cutting Edge completed

Sanctum of Domination

10/10 H

10/10 M

10/10 N

Raid progress- Season 2

progress CN-12.png

Castle Nathria

10/10 H

9/10 M

10/10 N

Raid progress- Season 1

progress N'ylotha_Artboard 20.png

Ny'alotha The Waking City

12/12 H

11/12 M

12/12 N

Raid progress- Final Season BfA

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A NIGHT OFF is proud to announce that  our family just got a bit bigger with the introduction of our new guild on Zul'jin Horde faction. 


Welcome to

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Choose a faction

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Who we are

A Night Off is an Online Gaming Community with a large focus on World of Warcraft. We are a large, active Alliance Mythic raiding guild on the server US-Stormrage.  

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Check out our streams

Enjoy yourself checking out the live streams of the members of the guild on Twitch.


Come and learn fights, revise strategies, and see what we are all about through the eyes of our members.

Improve your gameplay

Entertaining and informative Cutting Edge Mythic guides that review tactics, mechanics, and pain points of raid bosses. Short enough your raiders will watch them, detailed enough they’re a raid leaders best friend.

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Lost ark - a night off-02.png

Our focus as A NIGHT OFF on Lost Ark is to  be the best NA guild, working as a team. Want to know more? Click the blue button to find out more!

Are you ready?

If you like what you see and want to join our guild you can find us in guild finder or apply for any of our raid teams and rbg teams  by clicking apply now.













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